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New episodes are added weekly, and cover a range of topics such as; leadership during the coronavirus pandemic and the community.

Episode 8: Social Justice and The Power of Youth – Part 1

The tragic death of George Floyd triggered a ripple effect of global protests fuelled by the energy and instant ability of...

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A candid conversation with Jane McKenna, MPP (Burlington) on the Provincial fight against COVID-19, the rise in popularity of Premier Doug...

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Episode 6: DEATH & DYING – Saying goodbye to loved ones during COVID-19.

Death and Dying – it’s a dark topic and yet, it’s a normal part of life.  COVID-19 has changed the way...

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Episode 5: “Local Action to Global Pandemic” – a conversation with our Burlington Mayor, Marianne Meed Ward

The City of Burlington Is leading the way on many fronts in the fight against COVID-19. Listen to a conversation with...

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Episode 4: Front & Centre – The Honourable Karina Gould, Minister of International Development, speaks on the new realities of Parliament in the common fight against COVID-19

An interview with The Honourable Karina Gould, Minister of International Development. Our Member of Parliament and youngest Parliamentarian ever to be appointed...

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Episode 3: Staying Healthy during COVID-19

Interview with Kevin Brady, Director, Corporate Health, NFP Canada, Director, Advica Health & Canadian Triathlete  In our conversation with Community Leader...

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Good news stories exploring the human side of life

Inspiring messages of hope and opportunity

Informal tone and relaxing atmosphere

Show Host

Karmel Sakran

Karmel Sakran

The Scotch Friday Chat Lounge has been growing in my head for years.

Professionally, I am the managing lawyer at Green Germann Sakran law firm in Burlington, otherwise known as GGS Law (

Being the son of a grocer, I have worked all my life from the age of 7. It all started with a broom stick and evolved into running every aspect of the 16-hour day 7 day week business operation after school, weekends, holidays and summer vacations. It is best described as a bird in a cage – and the store counter was my studio where it all love to communicate with people.

This podcast is my opportunity to do what I enjoy most – speak with people – and, better yet, share the conversation with you – the listener.

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All my life, I have found people fascinating. 

I like to learn “who” they are as a person – their journey, their joys and their observations of life. 

Everyone has a story to share….and I yearn to know those stories.

I like to discover those nuggets of wisdom, inspiration and opportunity. 

That is the purpose of The Scotch Friday Chat Lounge.

So, sit back and join me on this journey.

Featured Guests

Stuart Miller

Stuart Miller

Director of Education, Halton District School Board
Kevin Brady

Kevin Brady

Director of Corporate Health, NFP Canada
The Honourable Karina Gould Photo

The Honourable Karina Gould

Minister of International Development
Photo of Marianne Meed Ward

Marianne Meed Ward

Mayor of The City of Burlington
Don Smith Photo

Don Smith

Owner & President of Smith’s Funeral Homes
Jane McKenna

Jane McKenna

MPP (Burlington)
Photo of Andrew Sesay

Andrew Sesay

B.Sc in Human Resource Management, Faculty Secretary of University of Makeni
Photo of Rita Scott

Rita Scott

B.A. in Psychology, Adjudicator for the Independent Assessment Program
Photo of Rene Papin

Rene Papin

Member of Burlington Performing Arts Centre and the Hamilton Halton United Way
Photo of Rajeev Wijesinghe

Rajeev Wijesinghe

Customs Broker and Rotarian
Photo of Peter Dinsdale

Peter Dinsdale

President and Chief Executive Officer of YMCA Canada

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