About Me

Show Host

Karmel Sakran

The Scotch Friday Chat Lounge has been growing in my head for years.

Professionally, I am the managing lawyer at Green Germann Sakran law firm in Burlington, otherwise known as GGS Law (ggslaw.ca).

Being the son of a grocer, I have worked all my life from the age of 7.  It all started with a broom and evolved into running every aspect of the 16-hour day 7 day week  business operation after school, weekends, holidays and summer vacations.  It is best described as a bird in a cage – and the store counter was my studio where it all happened….my love to communicate with people.

This podcast is my opportunity to do what I enjoy most – speak with people – and, better yet, share the conversation with you – the listener.

About Our Podcast

All my life, I have found people fascinating. 

I like to learn “who” they are as a person – their journey, their joys and their observations of life. 

Everyone has a story to share….and I yearn to know those stories.

I like to discover those nuggets of wisdom, inspiration and opportunity. 

That is the purpose of The Scotch Friday Chat Lounge.

So, sit back and join me on this journey.